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Back in April 2013 as the Crowdfunded Elite: Dangerous game developed, and its forum grew.

As Newsletters came out, and Official Authors teased us with theses 'drabbles', forum users turned to each other thinking.. I want to write a drabble.

And demand led to the creation of the Abraka Drabble forum thread, a place for would be writers, pro's and others to put their thoughts and sweat into 100 words.

To share these with like minded forum users for nothing other than fun, but then evil competition came along, and we fought to be voted the best of the drabbles. Drabble KING say.. And the battles raged on...

Then rules came in, and themes. To challenge the kings and to make things trickier... And weekly votes allow us to crown the king/queen of the drabbles and let them pick the theme for the following week.

Then the decision came to record the drabbles, to put them to voice.. and thus the Drabble podcast was born...

If you want to see this weeks offerings and vote on them (Polls up Thursday Evening till Sunday) please visit this link.

The list of themes so far is below, to see this weeks theme and to join us.. please visit this link.

Previous Topics

  1. Powerplay
  2. Planet side
  3. Zero-g-Cricket
  4. Hot Cargo
  5. Allegiance
  6. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To... & Sunday Drivers
  7. Incomprehensible Technobabble
  8. "...and that's when they killed Simoof!"
  9. Pay for Your Sins
  10. My Power is Best
  11. Money's No Object
  12. Trinkets of Hidden Fortune
  13. Black Holes
  14. Planet Fall
  15. Static or We Interupt This Broadcast
  16. My Prayer In My Last Moments
  17. 9 Winners Week
  18. Hutton Orbital
  19. Signs Of Life
  20. Silence Is Golden
  21. The Crew
  22. The Invitation
  23. Fuel
  24. Mug
  25. Treat or Treat
  26. The Moon
  27. Rememberance
  28. Disabled Systems
  29. Battle
  30. Taking Stock & Joy Asleep at the Wheel
  31. Special Delivery
  32. Unwanted Presents
  33. The Twelve Months of Elite: Dangerous
  34. New Beginnings
  35. A Simple Plan
  36. Unexpected Results
  37. Experimental Modification
  38. Sounds
  39. A Dangerous Situation
  40. A Big Deal
  41. High Pressure
  42. Coffee
  43. Scrapping and Freefall
  44. Captains Chair
  45. Waypoint
  46. Recycled Topic
  47. Bugs
  48. Fairytales
  49. Celebrations
  50. Engineers
  51. Acceleration
  52. Frank & Thargoids
  53. Escape Pods
  54. Doctors, Stone
  55. The Last Post
  56. The Moderators Lair
  57. Cobra
  58. Rumour Mill
  59. Ipso Facto and Unity
  60. Food
  61. Eric Marcaigh
  62. Traffic
  63. Charity
  64. Betrayal
  65. Race
  66. Relic & Caveat Emptor
  67. Volcano
  68. Rescue
  69. Brothers
  70. Leadership
  71. Side Effetcts May Vary
  72. Game Show
  73. Bunnie Club
  74. Tongue Twister
  75. Made Up Words
  76. Alvin's Greedy Friend
  77. The Planet With A Fungal Infection.. & With a Bang
  78. Incomplete
  79. Host and Injuries
  80. Inappropriate Behaviour
  81. Found It
  82. Ranking & Ed Lewis's Christmassy Biscuit
  83. Its oozy and it's Green
  84. An Unexpected Present
  85. Big Damn Heroes, There's a logo & The Miracle
  86. A Close Encounter
  87. Alone In the Dark
  88. Backup Plan & Luck
  89. Exploration Disasters
  90. Diplomatic Incidents
  91. Technological Malfunction
  92. The Girl Who Wasn't There
  93. The Answer
  94. Projections
  95. An Impossible Choice
  96. Entertainment
  97. A Lazy Day
  98. Sausage
  99. The Trouble With Automation
  100. And That's How I Got These Scars
  101. Almost As Bad As Nixon & Four More Years
  102. The Farm
  103. Mega Ships
  104. Something Something Something Untitled

Wot Kow
This Website (v1.1) was created by:
Grant 'Psykokow' Woolcott & Simon 'Simoof' Woolcott
"Many Psykokow projects have been created using assets and imagery from Elite Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc, for non-commercial purposes. It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developments was involved in the making of it."

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