Back in April 2013 as the Crowdfunded Elite: Dangerous game developed, and its forum grew.

As Newsletters came out, and Official Authors teased us with theses ‘drabbles’, forum users turned to each other thinking.. I want to write a drabble.

And demand led to the creation of the Abraka Drabble forum thread, a place for would be writers, pro’s and others to put their thoughts and sweat into 100 words.

To share these with like minded forum users for nothing other than fun, but then evil competition came along, and we fought to be voted the best of the drabbles. Drabble KING say.. And the battles raged on…

Then rules came in, and themes. To challenge the kings and to make things trickier… And weekly votes allow us to crown the king/queen of the drabbles and let them pick the theme for the following week.

Then the decision came to record the drabbles, to put them to voice.. and thus the Drabble podcast was born…

If you want to see this weeks offerings and vote on them (Polls up Thursday Evening till Sunday) please visit this link.

The list of themes so far is below, to see this weeks theme and to join us.. please visit this link.



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