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To commemorate the 100th Drabble Contest we are going to attempt something that has never been done before, something so daring, so dangerous that it would be deemed illegal in some countries and certainly immoral in many, many more! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen (and Simon), we shall be creating history with our attempt to tell a complete story using the medium of dance, erm, I mean Drabbles!

The Aim:
To construct a story consisting of 20 Drabbles or less, each Drabble following a different theme chosen from the previous 100 Drabble Contests whilst still remaining a continuation of the original tale. A Collaba-Drabble!

The Rules
1: Drabbles are stories of exactly 100 words (Excluding the title)
2: Drabbles need to be set in the Elite universe (loosely).

Now this is where it changes.

3: Each Drabbler will be given a number at random between 1 & 20 (or however many we get). This will dictate their place in the creation of the story.
4: You cannot enter your Drabble until it is your turn.
5: The first Drabble will be given a theme picked at random from the list of 100 previous Drabbles.
6: After completing their Drabble, the Drabbler then picks a theme from the list for the next Drabbler.
7: The next Drabbler completes their Drabble, picks a different theme from the list and this continues until all 20 Drabbles have been written and the story is complete.
8: All Drabbles MUST continue the story set in the previous Drabble.
9: Cliff Hangers, Plot Twists and Cross-Overs from existing Drabble threads are encouraged!
10: This is for fun – please be respectful and try to keep it clean.

The Voting
Everyone can vote 3 times in the poll.
You can not vote for yourself.

The Timescale
The sooner the better. Once we get the 20 names in we will then figure out the timings for the writing stage and the voting.


5: CdrTwisted – City Lights
20: Ian Phillips – Revenge
17: Corinthian – Drink
16: Garthyre Shadowslayer – Childhood
11: Yaffle – Sabotage
15: Erik Marcaigh – Run and Secrecy
6: Darren “The Ringer” Grey – Cyborgs
2: Jeff Ryan – Special Forces
3: WinterWalker – Home
1: DocStone – Thargoids
19: Listeri69 – Operation
13: Simoof – Forced Entry
4: Frank – Time
7: Zieman – Zero-g
14: Insanephoton – Dancing
9: Clef_Hanger – Power
8: Stalker – Fish and Light
18: Steed – A Trouble with a New Hope
12: Galactic Midden – Metropolis (The City)
10: MrMogadon – Nova

Now, let’s make History together!

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