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1. Drabbles are 100 words in total (Excluding the title)
2. Drabbles need to be set in the Elite universe (loosely).
3. Drabbles must meet the theme set by the event runner.
4. The Drabble Topic will be set prior to the event commencement.
5. Entrants may enter 1 drabble only per event.
6. You may go back and edit your drabble right up till the end date & time.
7. Anyone submitted drabbles after the event end will not qualify for the live event prizes (if any) and may not feature in the live show.
8. Voting can be done by logging in and veiwing the drabbles for an event. You vote by Liking/Loving/Hating a drabble.
9. Mark your drabble as Adult Content if it contains profanity/sexual themes or things that might make a granny blush.
10. This is for fun – please be respectful and try to keep it clean.


Abraka Drabble August 2019

Sat 3rd August

Wed 4th September at 6:00 pm

Doesn’t Matter

Host : Psykokow
Watch live at http://twitch.tv/psykokow
Fri 6th September at 7:00 pm

* Entries made after the event end date may not feature on the live show, and may not count towards the competition

All Upcoming Shows
Date Show Title Theme Host Entries Open Stream URL Drabbles
Fri 6th September at 7:00 pm Abraka Drabble August 2019 Doesn’t Matter Psykokow Sat 3rd August until Wed 4th September at 6:00 pm http://twitch.tv/psykokow
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Date Time Show Title Theme Host Drabbles
Fri 2nd August 2019 7:00 pm Abraka Drabble July 2019 Renovate Psykokow
Sun 7th July 2019 1:00 pm Abraka Drabble Live @ Lavecon Magnetism Psykokow

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